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Our Approach

What does it take to run a profitable, planet-saving recycling program in your city? Most cities recycle a fraction of their waste. This leads to overflowing landfills and increased maintenance costs. Our three steps to decreasing landfill waste and increasing recycling will have your city producing results pretty dump quick.

1. Accept more types of recyclable waste

Like a college linebacker, our murf (material recycling facility,
or MRF) eats just about anything.

2. Increase material volume through education

We did the market research so we know how to educate and motivate. Survey says? Make recycling convenient and habitual.

3. Improve the quality of the waste stream

When your recyling program starts humming, we further educate your newfound recylomaniacs to reduce the number of contaminants in bins.

How we do it

Community event sponsorships

Wherever the people gather and the trash collects, we’ll be there.


With our advertising, we’ll get everyone in your community chanting “I scream, you scream, we all scream recycling.”

School assemblies & field trips

Kids think garbage is rad. We support K-6 education with gripping field trips and in-school assemblies.


Billboards & Bussboards

We reach the masses with attention-getting,
action-motivating, feel-gooding, outdoor advertising. There’s no better way of reaching everyone in your city/county to keep recycling top of mind.

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Please provide us with a little more information so that we can help you with a field trip, school assembly, site visit, company presentation, or volunteer effort.