Cleaner, Speedier, Aromatic-er.

Forget what you know about the dump, Revolve is now in Logan. We process construction debris, garbage, recyclables, and everything in between. Waste disposal is part of life and Revolve is a new earth-friendly way of handling it. Our bomb-diggity technology is able to reclaim 90% of received waste. And the typical landfill experience? Well, as you can see, we’ve had to start making up words to describe how different Revolve is. Whether you’re a business or resident, see how Revolve is the new waste management solution in Cache Valley.

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Time, money, and reputation—with more of these three, businesses thrive. We’ve saved local companies up to $40,000 a year in waste disposal costs. And with our 10-minute guarantee, you’ll have more time for the desk, job site, or even a longer lunch. If you’re in construction & demolition (C&D), you can assure your customers that you’re environmentally-minded by becoming a Certified Revolve Partner.

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The black, blue, or green bins are part of your weekly garbage ritual. But if it doesn’t fit or belong in one of these, feel free to drop your trash on our front porch like the belongings of a deadbeat boyfriend. If you lack the means to transport your goods, request a super sac for convenient drop off and pickup. We want to keep waste out of the landfill and our planet pristine. And if you do visit us, be sure to pick up some affordable landscaping bark and other recyclable products.

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The Cache Valley Landfill processes nearly 250 tons of waste every day. With its useful life projected to end in just six years, Cache Valley needs creative solutions for waste disposal—enter Revolve. While not a replacement for the landfill, Revolve greatly reduces the burden placed on the landfill. It is the only sustainable solution in the region for waste management. It provides an important service to our community and is reshaping our bad “throw-away” habits, creating a Cache Valley for our future.

Seeking employment? Look no further. If your looking to change the world, and make a difference, then click the link and fill out the application.