Materials We Take

We can recycle nearly everything

Common Recyclables:

Cooking Oil
Earth and Rubble
Electrical Appliances
Electrical Appliances and Electronic Products
Food and beverage containers
Garden Waste
Glass Bottles & Jars
Grocery and retail plastic bags (no other type accepted)
Household Batteries
Lead Acid (Vehicle) Batteries
Mixed Recycling
Mobile Phones
Plastics numbers 1-7
Plastic cups (lids and straws removed)
Pressurised Containers (gas bottles, fire extinguishers, etc)
Scrap Metal
Screw top jars
Wood and used lumber

Things that May Surprise You:

Books (just rip the covers off)
CD’s (Compact Discs, or for you millennials, round, plastic, flat things that hold up to 15 songs)
Light Bulbs
Metal pots, pans, tins and utensils
Pizza Boxes
Wrapping Paper

Not Yet:

Paint Cans
Motor Oil Cans
Tissue paper
Wet paper items
Paper towels
Wax paper


Be The Change 

We know you have several options when you need to unload, as Don Timber says, all your useless crap. If you trash it or DI it, you’re saying “it’s not my problem anymore.” The reality is, these things stay in the landfill for A LONG time and if the the DI or Goodwill can’t sell an item, that non-profit has to fork over the dough to dispose of it. If it truly is broken or unusable, bring it to Revolve. By processing it, we can turn almost anything into something useful again.